My Design Journey

Today, I know I am a designer because I am able to switch out of my role as an artist and become a user advocate. I find great joy in creating experiences that are simple, yet powerful and loved by users.

I was going to create a standard About Me page but I'm very often asked in interviews, "Arjun, tell me about your journey into product design."​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Product designers generally enter the field from all walks of life; there's no straight path or clearly-defined road. For me, because of my personal passions and hobbies growing up, I was often led astray in thinking product design is all about being "artsy", creative and focused only on aesthetics and visual design.

Before I entered the field of product design, I was an aspiring videographer and motion designer.

In the beginning, I often confused artistic expression and designing for users. Due to my passion for music, one of the first things I tried to showcase in my portfolio was a prototype I call the "contextual music visualizer".

This experience displays your favourite songs in a UI reminiscent of the time period in which each song was originally released. The aim was to connect users with their favourite artists/music. Click here for the inspiration.

Design is how something works and adds value for users. Also a labour of love, the contextual music visualizer was primarily an art project. What was lacking to make this a portfolio piece?

Now as a product designer, where would I take this idea?

I love sharing ideas that are wacky, artistic and abstract but being a product designer today involves carrying ideas through to a real user experience based on checking assumptions, avoiding being self-centred and leaving my ego at the door.